Zhejiang Dahu lighter Co., Ltd. was founded in 1992, after over twenty yearsdevelopment, has become the lighter industry leading enterprises, the Ministry of Commerce to cultivate and development Chinese export brand-name enterprises, the first batch of national industrial tourism demonstration sites, was the third private enterprises, excellent Chinese civilized unit of Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Province, the first batch of good faith demonstration enterprise Zhejiang Province Industrial and commercial enterprises, AAA grade credit "Shou contract re credit" units, the talent of Wenzhou City Association governing units, Wenzhou City, the most conducive to the growth of talent 20 enterprises 200 honor.

Over the years, the company always adhere to the "people-oriented", implementing the humanized management, actively building a "harmonious enterprise", create good working, learning and living environment for employees. At present, the company organization structure perfect, perfect system, with the administrative department, human resources department, reception department, sales department, production department, design department, technology center, financial department, logistics department, security department and other departments. The company established party branch, trade unions, the Communist Youth League, large staff club established a set of books, the Internet bar room, training room, Cara OK, dance hall, table tennis, chess and card room in one, and a special funds and effective regular activities to enhance the cohesion of the enterprise.

Company to "regulations, incentives, business people, emotional exercise to keep people" for the concept of talent, warmly welcome all over the country's a person of noble aspirations to join the Tiger family, work together towards the "to create an international brand, to become the world's lighter industry leading enterprises," the goal of struggle!