Zhejiang Dahu lighter Co., Ltd. memorabilia

1992|"tiger" brand in the "national lighter industry in the first registered trademark".
1993|"tiger" brand in the industry has won "the first well-known trademarks of Wenzhou city".
1994|"tiger" brand in the industry took the lead in the first batch of "Wenzhou famous brand" title;"tiger" brand was awarded the lighter industry in Wenzhou City, the first "Mianjian quality products".
1995|"tiger" brand in the industry took the lead in the first batch of "Zhejiang province famous trademark"; "tiger" brand lighter becomes most receives welcome domestic and foreign merchants of Wenzhou lighter products.
1996|1996, "tiger" brand become the lighter industry won the  "Chinese quality Miles honor product" title.
1997|"Tiger" brand products approved by the State Economic and Trade Commission, to become the first to have the right to import and export of the lighter enterprises (products).
1998|Company in the same industry in the country took the lead through the ISO9001 quality management system certification; in the same year, State Bureau of light industry.
1999|1999, "tiger" brand in the industry first won the "Zhejiang province famous brand" title; "fast ignitionlighter tiger" brand, in the same industry first won the provincial level "spark plan" science and Technology Award; the company take the lead in the "Zhejiang province 'a group of five' key enterprises in the industry".
2000|May 10, 2000, the then general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, President Jiang Zeminvisited our company to inspect, to our company for many years to carve the achievements fully affirmed, encouraged me to take the development of the company. The same year, chairman Zhou Dahu was named the first Zhejiang province of outstanding private entrepreneurs.
2001|"tiger" brand products in the industry took the lead through the Canadian National entry and exit safety inspection Strict inspection departments, into the Canadian market, to occupy the international market "commanding elevation of lighter".
2002|"tiger" brand trademark threeconsecutive "Zhejiang province famous trademark" title. The same year, Zhou Dahu was elected as the chairman of the Zhejiang Provincial People's congress.The same year, Zhou Dahu was elected as the chairman of the Zhejiang Provincial People's congress.
2003|by the end of 2003, technological transformation projects an annual output of 30000000 high-grade lighter successfully completed and put into production, the company moved to Wenzhou torch light garden new factory; the same year, the first company in the industry won the"Zhejiang Province, the integrity of the first batch of demonstration enterprise", "civilized unit of Zhejiang province". The same year, chairman Zhou Dahu was named the most popular ten legal characters, the first Zhejiang businessman ten influential man.
2004|August 28, 2004, Premier Wen Jiabao to temperatureinspection, to visit our showroom, affirmed and appreciated for our achievements, and expresses the hope. The same year, the company was identified as the National Tourism Administration "Chineseindustrial tourism demonstration enterprise"; "tiger" brand was named "Chinese lighter ten well-known brands"; the same year, President Zhou Dahu along with the State Department of Commerce to visit Egypt, will "tiger" brand lighter is regarded as "the gift" to the Egyptian national leaders.
2005|2005February, "tiger" brand in the national Ministry of Commerce on the cultivation and development ofexport brand "China". 14, 2005 February, "tiger" brand in the national Ministry of Commerce on the cultivation anddevelopment of export brand "China". In September the same year, chairman Zhou Dahu was the second "Chinese outstanding private entrepreneurs" title.
2005|In November 26, 2005 15, Zhu Rongji, former premier of the State Council to temperature survey,chairman Zhou Dahu as the representative of Wenzhou private entrepreneurs report to Comrade Zhu Rongji, Comrade Zhu Rongji in recent years the development of private enterprises in Wenzhou and Icarve, unremitting self-improvement spirit praised.
2005|December 12, 2005, the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau Standing Committee, CPPCC Chairman Jia Qinglin to temperature inspection guidance, chairman Zhou Dahu as the representative of private entrepreneurs in Wenzhou by the Chairman Jia Qinglin. The same year, chairman Zhou Dahu was named the "2005 annual China private economy ten big influential man".
2006|October 13, 2006, the company was named the third session of the "China outstanding private enterprises".
2007|in 2007 February, the company developed a suitable for lighter used in plateau area and put on the market, the project won the national patents, and are included in the key projects of Wenzhoutechnology innovation. In July the same year, the company was rated as the "Shou contract re credit"units, the State Administration for Industry and commerce. In September, the company "tiger" brand"China lighter awarded the title of" famous brand. In December, the company was rated as "advanced collective of national light industry".
2008|2008, the company was rated as "advanced collective" the National Hardware industry, tiger "brand was selected in the second China industry landmark brand, the same year, Zhou Dahu was elected as the chairman of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games torch" in Wenzhou City, Wenzhou ten major reform characters".
2009|2009, the company's R & D adapt to the use of 2500-3000 meters altitude lighter project won theChinese Federation of light industry science and technology progress award. Chairman Zhou Dahuwas named "30 years of reform and opening up of Wenzhou economy 30".
2010|2010, my company's "tiger (TIGER)" trademark on the list. The same year, the company of industry and Commerce of Zhejiang province enterprise credit AAA "Shou contract, re credit" units.The company was China entry inspection and Quarantine Bureau as a "Chinese quality integrityenterprise".
2011|2011, the company won the "Wenzhou City, development, strong strong party" advancedenterprises in Wenzhou City, harmonious labor relations in enterprises, the integrity of businessenterprises. "Tiger" brand was awarded "Wenzhou city gift" title.
2012|2012, "tiger" brand was selected in the fourth China industry landmark brand. The same year,"tiger" brand in the Chinese most valuable brand 500 strong.
2013|The company once again won the Zhejiang provincial industrial and commercial enterprises credit AAA "Shou contract, re credit" units, well-known firms in Zhejiang province. Tiger once again won the "Zhejiang famous trademark" honorary title.
2014|"Tiger" brand was selected to the fifth Chinese industry iconic brand. "Tiger" brand selected China's most valuable brand 500, worth a million yuan.