Zhejiang Dahu lighter Co., Ltd. was founded in 1992, the laid-off workers resettlement costs 5000 yuan started, after over twenty years development, has now become the Chinese metal lighter production enterprises, the Ministry of Commerce on the cultivation and development Chinese export brand-name enterprises, the first batch of "national industrial tourism demonstration sites," third "China outstanding private enterprise", was elected Chinese Light Industry Association executive director of the unit, deputy director China Hardware Products Association unit, Zhejiang province first integrity model enterprise, civilized unit of Zhejiang province 200 honor.

Over the years, the company always adhere to the quality, create the brand of the road, we adopt the new technology, new technology, new materials, and actively introduce manufacturing equipment and technology in Japan, USA advanced, has formed the straight type, wind proof, fire type, fuel type, flower style five categories, dozens of series, hundreds of styles, in the high-end products. Among them, a number of technology to fill the domestic blank, and obtained national patent. Products are exported to Canada, Japan, Mexico, America, Western Europe more than 70 countries and regions, the company registered a "tiger" brand trademark in more than 50 countries, and opened stores in Europe and the United States and other developed countries. Technological transformation project, an annual output of 30000000 high-grade lighter production application, companies have been raised to a new level in the scale, sales, technology innovation etc..

With the continuous improvement of living standards, the metal shell lighter not only become a necessity of life, but also has been one of the best gifts, gifts, collectibles and promotional items.

At present, the company is preparing to improve and perfect the domestic marketing network, welcome to have a certain strength and has a good reputation of the retailers, wholesalers, gifts and people with the intention to open stores, chain stores to join the cooperation.

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