Zhejiang Dahu lighter Co., Ltd. was founded in 1992, the laid-off workers resettlement costs 5000 yuan start, with the Wenzhou people are hard-working, courageous spirit, after 10 years of development, has become China metal lighter manufacturing enterprises. The company  was elected China Light Industry Association member units, "tiger" brand won the three session of China industry landmark brand, the Ministry of Commerce on Cultivation and development of "China export brand", the company was the State Administration for Industry and Commerce awarded the "Shou contract re credit" units, Chinese entry inspection and Quarantine Bureau as a "Chinese quality integrity enterprise", won the third annual "Chinese outstanding private enterprise", the first batch of national industrial tourism demonstration point, the national light industry advanced collective, the national hardware industry advanced collective, Zhejiang province "one of five number of" key enterprises in Zhejiang Province, the integrity of the first batch of demonstration enterprises, civilized unit of Zhejiang Province, second Wenzhou city vigor harmonious enterprises in Wenzhou City, "the development of Party building strong, strong" advanced enterprises in Wenzhou City, harmonious labor relations in enterprises 200 honor. Chairman Zhou Dahu has been named the second "China outstanding private entrepreneurs", "the ten most popular character," rule of law "Chinese private economy ten big influential man", the National Hardware industry advanced individuals, the first Zhejiang businessman ten influential man, the first in Zhejiang Province outstanding private entrepreneurs, was elected as the tenth session of the provincial people's Congress ninth, eleven, the city people's Congress, successive eleven are Wenzhou City Hall rated as outstanding entrepreneurs, and was elected to the Beijing Olympic torch in Wenzhou city. As the sole representative China metal lighter enterprises, Zhou Dahu selected WTO international standards committee smoking will work (ISO/TC61/WG1) members, and participate in the formulation and revision of international standard lighter. Over the years, the company always adhere to the quality, brand road, a number of technology to fill the domestic blank, and obtained national patent. The company products are exported to Canada, Japan, Mexico, America, Western Europe more than 70 countries and regions, in more than 50 countries registered a "tiger" brand trademark, and opened stores in Europe and the United States and other developed countries. In particular, the successful development of the lighter using 2500 m -3000 m plateau has successfully entered the Mexico market, Columbia, become open market countries and regions of the plateau "astepping-stone to success",  won the national patent, and was rated as Chinese Federation of light industry science and technology progress award. In recent years, Tiger lighter is through technological innovation, improve quality, improve grades, the first to break into the quality of foreign markets, has won a space for one person in the international well-known brand lighter competition. In the development of enterprises at the same time, the company has set up "Tiger" juvenile and adult football team, and both won the provincial, city champion, strongly support the development of sports in Wenzhou. In the investigation Chinese lighter deal with the EU anti-dumping, as the industry leading enterprises, joint company peer actively, finally won the first case of private enterprises to deal with anti dumping the China after joining the WTO, won widespread praise from all sectors of society. Party and state leaders, Xi Jinping, Zhang Dejiang, Liu Yunshan, Li Yuanchao, Jiang Zemin, Zhu Rongji, Wen Jiabao Jia Qinglin, have successively visited the company or with a company chairman Zhou Dahu, hundreds of domestic and foreign media have made special reports on the company. At present, the company is at a steady pace, to "create an international brand, forward to become the world's lighter industry leading enterprises" target.